An Externalization of Love: A Journey of Love

Experiencing the confusion and pain of “LOVE” sort it out

Oh How I Long for LOVE…Oh How I Long to LOVE!
If this sounds like you follow me on a journey called LOVE.
An Externalization of Love: A Journey of Love

“Verse 1”

The Love I project to you and desire from you is filled with so many thoughts and emotions,

I want to share with you. You are the image I am vulnerable to, the image I want so much to give me the love I seek.

I’m afraid to reveal what I feel and think, don’t know if you will validate the same and receive or understand.

Don’t want to scare you. I try so hard that I overdo it and don’t allow it to flow. I get so fed up that I turn to self destruction. I preoccupy myself to try to understand it, to find answers, to search for the truth in it all.

Is there truth in it, is it my dream, imagination, desire alone, is what I feel real?

Will you look at me differently if I really shared all I feel: Will you receive it: will you know how to give it back:

I’m afraid, but they say there is no fear in love, yet I find fear and I find pain. In fact it is through this pain love is so revealing.

So, is it the pain of love I have acquainted myself with, to avoid the joy of love:

Why do I need to believe in the joy of love, when I mostly feel the sting of it.

I’m driven by my desire, I’m moved by knowing you are there. I have so much love in my life.

Why is it not enough: why do I feel I need you. You haven’t been good to me when I knew you, but what I felt is what I feel drawn again.

Is this self destruction, deception leading me to a place that I already know is not good for me. Neither do I desire it.

But I’m careless, I’m hurting myself and will hurt those who love me. Then I will turn back to the love I have and try to get it again. Because I need love, to know love, to be synchronized with love. I don’t want to disappoint you and I don’t want to disappoint love.


This externalization of love is representative of love being not only a person, but an image, an idea, a guiding light, a force, something great and admired, having great humility,love is a safe place. The “I” is sensitive to what Love will think of him/her, will love change its mind about him/her?

So the story begins…

If you are experiencing the emotions, confusion and pain of “LOVE” and you want to sort it out

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